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In John Brown's handwriting, the "dream" to connect the green spaces. Click on the map to go to the trail route maps page.
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*The trails described here include information about the John F Brown Trail System that is part of the Town of Niskayuna, and also adjacent Mohawk River State Park, which is owned by New York State, and the Lisha Kill which is owned by the Nature Conservancy. Until we have an umbrella name for the combined, adjacent areas, the term "JFB Trails" loosely includes all these areas. The hike/bike area is a combination of land ownership. The current naming roughly can be described by these trails:
  • Bedspring Ridge
  • East Bluffs
  • Lisha Kill
  • Lock Creek Trails
  • Lockview Ridge
  • Riverside Loop A & B
  • Southwoods Loop
  • Whit-Shaker (Gorge)
  • West Field Loop

Trail News and Events

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New Mile Markers joepliss joepliss 0 25 Jun 21, 2013 by joepliss joepliss
QR Codes in Lisha Kill joepliss joepliss 1 119 Nov 2, 2012 by joepliss joepliss
April 17, 2012 Spring Wild Flower walk joepliss joepliss 1 58 Apr 1, 2012 by joepliss joepliss

Time Union Outdoor Blogs

  • Spring in the Albany Pine Bush by Gillian Scott Apr 11, 2014
    I wrote my column for today about looking for signs of spring in the Albany Pine Bush. You can read it here. Field ecologist Amanda Dillon showed the group some easily overlooked indications that warmer weather is on the way. Later, she emailed me...
  • My first bike… by Herb Terns Apr 4, 2014
    My column from today’s sports section is below. If you have a first bike story to share, please share it with us in the comments. If you want to share a photo, email it to and we’ll post it here. His first bike wa...
  • Update on the Route 5S trail crossing by Gillian Scott Apr 3, 2014
    Tuesday’s hearing on the planned changes to the Route 5S crossing of the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail was very interesting. Stephan Godlewski, the project manager from Creighton Manning, presented the engineering firm’s design and the...
  • Route 5S trail crossing getting a makeover – hearing Tuesday by Gillian Scott Mar 26, 2014
    Another project is in the works along the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, the recreational path that stretches from downtown Albany to Rotterdam Junction. A while ago, I wrote a couple posts about the proposed plan to upgrade the Rexford Bridge in ...
  • The last ski? by Gillian Scott Mar 24, 2014
    How to have a rough ski trip: Do a hard workout at the gym the day beforehand. Pick an unknown trail. The guidebook says “novice” but you’ve been fooled before…. You decide this year you’re a better skier. Ignore the ...
  • It’s not too late to ski! by Gillian Scott Mar 21, 2014
    I had a great ski last weekend into Camp Santanoni, a former great camp built by the Pruyn family and now owned by the state of New York. It’s a nice ski trip – just under 10 miles round-trip on an old road – with some uphills to...
  • Signs of spring by Gillian Scott Mar 11, 2014
    I went on a group walk through the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Discovery Center on Friday to look for signs of spring. We started off by introducing ourselves to the other group members by saying our names and the things that tell us spring is on th...
  • An idyllic day at Pharaoh Lake by Gillian Scott Feb 28, 2014
    For my column in today’s sports section, I wrote about a recent ski trip we took into Pharaoh Lake in the eastern Adirondacks. It’s a trip we’ve done time and again, as evidenced by past blog posts we’ve written: Familiarit...
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    Herb and I had conflicting schedules and plans this past weekend, but we both managed to fit in some fabulous time outdoors. Here are a few photos from our outings. I know a lot people are sick of winter, but I’m going to miss all that lovel...
  • The Hike Safe card by Herb Terns Feb 12, 2014
    Think of it as a kind of “get out of the helicopter free” card. New Hampshire is considering offering a card that makes rescues free of charge. Vexed by the high cost of search and rescue, the state is looking to regain some lost reven...

  • How to become a Birder by Richard Guthrie Feb 13, 2014
    Well with Spring just around the corner, what better way to start the new season could there be than to start a new adventure as a budding birdwatcher. Well. spring is a bit far off, and Old Man Winter still has a few tricks up his sleeve. But thi...
  • Fulton Follies by Richard Guthrie Jan 30, 2014
    With all the attention to SNOWY OWLS, somebody did a little research and found that so far this winter, these huge Arctic raptors had been found in almost every county in New York State, except four. The exceptions were: Chenango, Putnam, Hamilton...
  • More Snow and now Ice by Richard Guthrie Jan 19, 2014
    The influx of SNOWY OWLS continues, but the numbers of new sightings has dropped as most of the birds have likely moved along. Those guys and gals are probably further down the road to New Jersey, Maryland or Virginia – or beyond. They have ...
  • Snowy Owls by Richard Guthrie Dec 22, 2013
      Snowy Owls, the massive white raptors that usually spend the winters in the high arctic have descended into our area, and beyond, in unprecedented numbers! There are several theories why this phenomenon should happen, the most popular is that th...
  • Big Meal by Richard Guthrie Sep 27, 2013
    I took off last week for a quick trip out to Buffalo to be with family to celebrate yet another birthday. Before I left, I came across this fine dining experience: Down the hatch: One happy sandpiper: Now for a nap On the way back home, I stopped ...
  • Big Blue – Little Blue by Richard Guthrie Sep 8, 2013
      Great-blue Heron   Great-blue Herons are pretty much a given around the Capital District during the warmer months, and to some extent, even through the winter. Great-blues nest in tree tops, in loose colonies of a few to several dozen ...
  • Sure birds in Cohoes by Richard Guthrie Aug 22, 2013
    Cohoes, or any area around the Capital District, are not known for their shoreline. That’s for sure. But, things happen. And, it so happens that August is a peak period for shorebird migration. Sandpipers, plovers, godwits, and the rest of t...

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